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Tripindi Shradha is an offering in the memory of the dear departed. If for three consecutive years the offerings are not made to the dear departed then the dead gets vehement, so to calm them these offerings are made.

Types of afflictions :

One month of humans equals one day for the dead. The day of new moon is the lunar day for the dead. On this day Darsha Shradha is performed. Unsatisfied dead harasses in the form of demon. Cancellation of rites meant for the forefathers, denying offerings made in the memory of the dear departed and spiritual procedures if not performed as per the traditions then problems may arise from goblin, corpse, demi-gods, the 27'th lunar mansions and may led to religious discord. Such tribulations may occur intermittently and may span in a period of one day, three days or fifteen days. It may also lead to delay in marriage prospects, failure in business, receding prosperity day after day.
Tripindi Shradha must be performed to resolve such calamities. Its assertion is mentioned in "Shradha Chintamani".

Remedy as Tripindi Shradha :

This rite can be performed on the important months like 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 2nd month of the Hindu calendar and on 5th, 8th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 30th in the dark half of the lunar month is the lunar day or Sunday. But if fierce-day agony is experienced then Tripindi Shradha must be performed immediately. This measure is mentioned in "Godayatra Viveka-Darsha".

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