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Narayan Bali Puja is performed to fulfill and pacify the unsatisfied desires of the dead souls which are trapped in our world that stay with the soul even after death. To get rid of their own pain they trouble their own descendants. Lord Vishnu further states this in the Garuda Purana to Shree Garuda: – “Until the funeral rites are properly performed the dead man, ever hungry, roams about day and night in the form of airy matter”. Narayan Bali Puja is performed by taking Sankalpam and kalasha aradhana is done by invoking Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Yam and preta , Narayan bali srardham is performed and later Narayan bali homa is done and at the end pind pradan is done in Kaveri river and the person takes bath and has darshan of Sri Ranganatha swamy.
Narayana Bali is all about Atripthi Aatma Shanti (This is a customary ritual in the Sahyadri region Canara & Malabar areas, Bali means sacrificial offering for god. White Pumpkin, Lemon, Banana Tree are considered as sacrifices in the ritual )
As you can see Rahu, Chandra, Saturn on Lagna will cause extremely high mental pressure and may lead to hallucinations and phobias. Traditionally it is dealt with appropriately pacifying deities in a combination like Rahu-Chandra which we call it as Goddess Choudeshwari in this region and in north India it is called as goddess Maya or Mahamaaya. Rahu-Saturn combination is pacified by propitiating lord Ayyappa, goddess Bhadrakali and in North India the equivalent can be Lord Batukbhairav.
Normally the native will realize the struggles in his/her life and seek for remedy after it reaches unbearable stage, during that time the astrologer has to check for any abhichaara prayoga and will advice to conduct Abhichaara Shanti along with Narayana Bali. These are highly ritualistic poojas, care should be taken in maintaining sanctity of the rules and respecting the beliefs.

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