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When there is a Manglik or even double Manglik Dosh in anybody’s horoscope, a process known as Kumbh Vivah is performed. Mangal Dosh gets very violent and aggressive after the wedding.

Process of a Kumbh Vivah :

Kumbh Vivah is like any other usual marriage. For instance, if a girl is having a Manglik Dosh, in that case, she needs to do this ritual. Each and everything is performed in the same way like it is in an actual wedding. The girl is required to wear the wedding attire and jewelry and a thread. Proper Kanya Daan is done by the parents along with the pheras and vows are also taken and “Phere” are also taken with the pot made out of the mud.
A priest is invited to conduct all the ceremonies and he chants all the Mantra’s and winds it up like any other normal human wedding. Afterwards when the ceremony is over the girl changes her clothes. Then she is supposed to remove the thread which is tied to the Mud pot and that pot is drowned in a pond or a river without anybody’s knowledge. Once this particular rite is the girl is free from Manglik Dosh and she is free to marry or proceed for a real marriage. There will no issues after Kumbh vivah is performed and her spouse will be safe from the Mangal Doshshe was suffering from.

What is the Role of Pot in Kumbh Vivah :

The role of a pot is pivotal as it plays the part of a first husband in the life of a girl. Hence, it is not a living thing so according to the Indian Mythology this marriage becomes unacceptable and the normal wedding with any male is thought to be her primary wedding. Here the Pot takes away all the troubles or doshas of the girl and therefore mangal will not influence the husband anymore.

Significance of a Kumbh Vivah :

Ritual of a Kumbh Vivah is remarkable in its own way and the majority of the people have gained benefit out of this. Kumbh Vivah primarily reduces the ill outcomes of Mars. This is done when any person is Manglik and mangal resides in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of anybody’s horoscope. If any Pundit has recommended Kumbh Vivah to you it indicates you are Manglik and the person whom you are marrying is non- Manglik. It is said that a person who is Manglik should marry a Manglik husband/wife only, or else the non-Manglik spouse can experience fall of business, bad health, or even casualty after marriage.

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